Art: Mélissa 4

Four channel rotating sound installation – 2021


Curators: Denise Parizek & Laura Rambelli

Group Exibition – Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) / Torrione Medievale
From 24.10 – 7. 11. 2021

The circular sound reproduction makes listening more volatile. The granular dynamics of the sound from the four speakers set at 360 degrees have a somewhat magnetic quality. I filtered several structured pieces from the material recorded in Meltina. Working with a 4,000,000 year old sound, loosely processed and harmonised like a string section, the rhythm section played by the bees themselves gave shape to ancestral feelings and sensations present in all of us.

Artist: Agnes Hamvas & Hubert Hasler ° Mandarina Brausewetter ° Maria Grün ° Valentina Lapcheva ° Michael Koch ° Yukika Kudo ° Oscar Cueto ° Rafael Lippuner ° Stefano Bernardi ° Svetlana Mircheva ° NOIMA ° Eva-Maria Schartmüller ° Laura Rambelli ° Robert Reszner ° Vera Klimentyeva ° Franz Wassermann °