„During my rehearsals and when setting up my various installations, hundreds of balloons have bursted in my hands. Every time this happened, I evaluated their remnants and dreamt to be able to testify that metamorphosis.“

Slowness as a key to reality. The analogue slow-motion instrument, on 16 or 35mm film, makes it possible to observe physical phenomena that would normally appear invisible. Thanks to a camera from 1965, I could finally satisfy my curiosity and actually start a new research focused on slowness. The footage shot at 2000 frames per second, depicts the line or the lines of the balloon’s burst. Phenomena otherwise invisible, can be read. It’s an extremely fast metamorphosis: in a thousandth of a second, we see a range from tension, from defined form and sphericity, to relaxation, abstraction and emptiness. The dispersion of a content.

Daniel Mahlkecht and I shot this film the 6th of March 2020 using an old High Speed Camera – Red Lake Hycam produced 1965.

Thanks to Milan Kundera und the Sea Turtels.