Art: Noir

In 2010, Stefano Bernardi was awarded the first edition of the Hypo – Talente scholarship, established by the Hypo Tirol Bank. The jury members were convinced by the emotional and artistic intensity of his project “Noir” in exploring the opportunities and the limits of the living conditions of blind people.The installation was presented in 2010 during the “Premierentage” in Innsbruck, at the Galleria Lungomare in Bolzano (Italy), at the Galleria Nazionale di S. Marino and it was broadcast by the national Radio Rai Tre (Italy).

“Noir” is the result of a subtle synchronization of fragments of acoustic recordings done by blind people in their daily lives.The artist transposes the daily experiences of the six protagonists involved in a sound document composed by split perceptions, blurred relationships and imagination.The project explores the connection between the way of being, the perception of the world and its understanding, as one’s own existential condition.The definition of real life is determined by the perceptive qualities of the six protagonists and their subjective maps.

“ Noir “ a movie without a picture – Premieren Tage Innsbruck A ( curator Marion Piffer Damiani ) 2010

Gallery Lungomare Bolzano Italy 2010